Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pans and Zooms with Adobe Premiere (Elements)

People (like me) whose photo equipement is already heavy enough, do not want to carry a Meade mount or something similar in remote places. Still, pans look great in time lapse sequences.
To some amount, these pans and even zooms can be done in post production, what I will explain here with Adobe Premiere Elements.
To save some memory on the memory card, I usually shoot in sRaw1, with 7.5MegaPixels (3272x2178). The final movie should be HD (1080p, that means 1920 x 1080 pixels), what leaves lots of space for pans and zooms, as illustrated below:

The window denotes the HD window, which can be moved to create the panning effect. The keyframes in Premiere are great to do that.
To use them, I import the images as "image sequence" in Premiere. I drag the sequence into the scene window, then click on the "Effects" tab and on "edit effects":

Then open the "Movement" menu and click on the "show keyframes" symbol:

Then click on the little watch ("show/hide animations"). Drag and zoom the image in the movie window to where you want to start your virtual pan and zoom. You will note that little diamonds are added in the effects timeline. These are the keyframes:

Then move the red line in the effects timeline to the right end. Drag and zoom the image where you want to end it up. This defines the pan and zoom between the two keyframes.

I used this technique in most of my recent time lapses, e.g. in the middle sequences (around 1:00) of this one:


  1. Hi,

    this dosent seem to aply to ver. 7.0?


  2. I think it does actually... There is the same technique of using keyframes etc!

  3. Hi

    Do you know how to do the above pan and zoom method using Photoshop CS5 extended? I recently picked up time-lapse photography and wanted to learn the technique to create pan and zoom on my time-lapse video. I uses Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended.

    I am totally clueless about creating both panning and zooming on my time-lapse. If you know the CS5 extended way, can you show/teach me?


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