Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holidays in Provence/France: Hoya ND400

Some time ago, I bought the neutral density filter Hoya ND400, which allows 9 aperture stops longer exposure (about a factor 1000 in exposure time!), making it possible to expose for seconds during bright daylight. That is great, when shooting time lapses of lakes with waves, of people or other situation, when things just change too fast. Unfortunately, the ND400 is not really extremely neutral, meaning that some colors are absorbed stronger than other. However, with adjusting the white balance, the results are pretty acceptable:

Our rented house near Fayence:

Tourettes, between Vence and Grasse:

Giacometti's figures in the Fondation Maeght, St Paul de Vence:

All images are from time lapse series.


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